Applying to Medical School

The application process for medical school has become less complicated over the last several years. The best piece of advice is to stay in close contact with your academic advisor, hopefully one who is specifically focused on those entering the health care realm. He or she will guide you through the application process. Advisors are on the forefront of the latest requirements for medical school and are the best resources you have. Be aware that a good GPA is one small part of the consideration process for medical schools. They will consider employment experience, extracurricular activities, and your score on the MCAT (the Medical College Addmission Test). Most students take the MCAT and apply to medical school in their junior undergraduate year, although some people graduate college and work in other careers before deciding to go to medical school. You can take the MCAT up to three times in one calendar year, and the Association of American Medical Colleges offers practice MCAT exams on their website to better prepare you for test day.

The American Medical College Application Service, (AMCAS) has made things a lot easier for students applying to medical school. This service works in conjunction with most of medical schools in the U.S. An applicant fills out one application, attaches his or her academic transcripts, and submits it the AMCAS. The AMCAS verifies all of the information provided by the student then submits the application to all of the medical schools selected by the student. This service saves students a lot of time and energy when applying to a number of different schools.

Medical schools also take into account letters of recommendation from faculty, community physicians/mentors, and employers when considering applicants for their programs. They also rely heavily on how the applicant presents him or herself during the medical school interview. Practicing interview techniques with friends or colleagues is a good way to prepare before meeting with anyone from a prospective medical school. Medical schools today are looking for well-rounded individuals who present themselves professionally, not only those who excel in the classroom.

Last Updated: 05/21/2014

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