Where to Work in the Medical Field

Fortunately, anyone working in medical field careers will have an easy time finding a place to work. Everyone needs access to health care, so finding a workplace environment close to where you live should be easy; or, if you choose to work away from home and provide care in a less populated or underserved area, job opportunities abound in those places as well. A lifelong career in medicine - no matter your area of choice - is usually guaranteed.

Hospitals are probably the most identifiable work environments for those considering a job in health care. Hospitals offer a wide variety of options for health care careers. There are doctors and nurses, of course, but other careers exist. There are physician assistants, certified nursing assistants, orderlies, lab technicians, phlebotomists, ultrasonographers, physical therapists, and X-ray technicians, to name just a few. Perhaps you find hospitals too large and overwhelming. Maybe private practice or medical clinics are more attractive workplaces. Private practices employ doctors, nurses (RNs and LPNs), phlebotomists, and ultrasound technicians. In recent years, doctors' offices have started to include registered dieticians to their staffs to address our country's problems of poor eating habits and resultant obesity epidemic.

Medical clinics in the community are another workplace option for those interested in medical field careers. These centers are smaller than hospitals but sometimes larger than a private practice and often care for a wide variety of patients. Finding work at a center where only X-rays and/or ultrasounds are performed is another option for employment in the medical arena.

Where to Work in the Medical Field

If weight loss and fitness interest you, these centers often employ doctors, nurses, and dieticians to better serve their clients and educate the public about healthy lifestyle choices.

Health care and medicine don't just apply to humans. Animal health and veterinary medicine are a viable choice for those interested in a medical career. Do you have a love for animals? If so, animal health and veterinary medicine would be a great way to combine one's love of medicine with that of animals. If you choose to go on to veterinary school, understand that this is a highly competitive field, and grades and qualifications for vet school are just as rigorous - if not more so - than applying to medical school. If being a veterinarian is more work and schooling than you'd anticipated, you could always find work as a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant. Becoming a veterinary technician requires more schooling and state licensing, whereas one can become a veterinary assistant with a high school diploma or associate's degree.

Whatever your talents or passion regarding medicine, a career in health care is possible at any level for anyone interested in this exciting field.

Last Updated: 05/21/2014

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